What is Digital Payment Partners?

Who are the Partners?

Salvador Payments and Axxiome.

Salvador Payments

Salvador Payments software is a simplified set of payments protocols that takes into account all authentication mechanisms and puts the payment into the control of the customer. Salvador Payments is a division of Salvador Partners.


Axxiome is a global solutions provider for the financial services industry focusing on advisory in banking and insurance complexity reduction and analytics. Axxiome provides advanced SAP Banking and Insurance expertise for accelerating the implementation and integration of transformation initiatives.

How the partnership works

Salvador has created some innovative and disruptive technolgy. Axxiome understands how important it is, and is perfectly placed to be able to explain it and introduce it to the banking industry.

We love technology

We love Innovation

We Can Change the Payments World


Payments – additional functional detail & benefits.

Our approach to provide a highly configurable set of functionalities including those mentioned below, so each organisation can tailor them to its market needs


Turns payment interactions into push transactions to put security into hands of end users.


Provides the most secure and most trusted authentication methods available, including military.


Hosts RFID, BLE, NFC and iBeacon. Programmable to suit whichever technology the client requires.


Fingerprint authentication available. Be part of the future of payments security, you simply cannot afford to be left behind

Payment Mobility

Increased number of payment locations, allow more secure transactions wherever the customer is.

Device Independent

IOS, Android, Windows, all technologies, all platforms, all devices, all communications protocols

Fraud Protection

Lower end user fraudulent payment instances, preventing client attrition and reputational risk.

Mobile Wallet

We can accelerate adoption of mobile wallets for issuers.


The Big Picture

Both Axxiome and Digital Payment Partners are working within the BIAN (Banking Industry Architecture Network)

Banks need a flexible architectural model for the growth of banking services – one that enhances interoperability and reduces integration costs. The BIAN model is a Service Oriented Architecture with consistent service definitions, level of detail and boundaries. This makes it easier to choose and integrate commercially available products of different vendors.

What we do with BIAN

By working together through BIAN, we can reduce integration costs, align IT with business objectives and therefore respond quicker to customer needs. The result: it will be easier to seamlessly integrate package solutions into your existing landscape.

BIAN’s Mission is to assist and guide the banking industry towards a consensus-based approach to achieving the vision of a flexible architecture which is closely aligned with business objectives of increased agility and reduced cost by asking leading banks to share their requirements for core services and leading software and services vendors to implement these services based on formally defined semantics .

Learning and innovation go hand in hand. The arrogance of success is to think that what you did yesterday will be sufficient for tomorrow.

- William Pollard -


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